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Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do... > Five Different Ways to Manage Confli... - Pg. 216

Real Conflict and What to Do About It 216 Insider Secrets It's amazing how much time people spend on arguing about conflict issues that have no particular significance whatsoever. Sometimes it seems like the less important the issue, the more intense the argument. If you really don't care about an issue, consider just yielding. Pick and choose your battles. It's no different with conflict. Sometimes it just makes sense to go along. When? It may be appropriate to give in or yield to another person when ... · · · · the other person is likely to get his or her way anyway. the other person has more formal or informal power. the conflict issue is not important to you. it's someone else's conflict (that is, something your boss should be dealing with anyway). You'd be surprised at how many conflicts aren't worth a lot of your time. Giving in doesn't mean you are necessarily weak. It means that the issue just isn't important to you. When is yielding not a good approach? It may not be appropriate to yield when ...