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Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do... > Two Kinds of Conflicts - Pg. 210

Real Conflict and What to Do About It 210 Substantive Conflict Substantive conflict is conflict that occurs as a result of a real (or apparent) disagreement about how things should be done, who should do it, or similar areas. Its roots are based in the premise that two well-meaning people can sincerely disagree about something. Let's take an example. You and George are both managers at the same level. You've been asked to develop a computer system to automate order processing. Because you and George will both be using the system when it's complete, the idea is that you should both be major players in its development. Un- fortunately, you hit a disagreement. You feel your company has the in-house ability to develop the computer system without going outside the company. George, however, is concerned that doing it internally will delay what is a high-priority solution, and wants to hire an outside computer company to get the work done quickly. Employee Handbook Substantive conflict is conflict that happens because there is a very real(or apparent) difference of opinion