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Chapter 7. Providing Feedback to Difficu... > Giving Feedback That Gets Positive R... - Pg. 70

Providing Feedback to Difficult Employees 70 Employee Handbook Cueing means focusing a person's attention on some relevant results of their own behavior. Here's an example of how you might do it. Let's use Martha's procrastination. During a private conversation with her, you say, "Martha, it seems to me that you might be making things more difficult for yourself and I'd like to help. Have you noticed that when you delay starting projects, you end up with a lot of stress? And that sometimes your delaying results in missed deadlines? I'm wondering if we can talk about how to avoid those situations, if we work together. First, can you think of other problems that might happen if you are rushed or start things late?" Notice again, the gentle tone. What we want here is for Martha to identify the outcomes of her own behavior, or to think about it, at least. When she acknowledges that procrastinating isn't a good thing, then you can get to solutions. To get to that point, she has to look at the results. And your job is to help her look at those conse- quences.