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Chapter 7. Providing Feedback to Difficu... > Feedback Strategies - Pg. 68

Providing Feedback to Difficult Employees 68 Feedback Strategies Now we get to the fun part. What do you do? What specific feedback techniques do you have at your disposal? Direct Feedback Direct feedback is information you provide to a person directly (and usually in private). It may be factually based, emotionally based, or both. Here's an example of factually based feedback: "John, I've noticed that when it comes time to volunteer for job tasks, you seem to be hesitant to jump in. Perhaps it's because you feel a bit overwhelmed, and I would like to know what's up. Are you feeling overburdened?" Notice the gentle tone and that the manager offers a tentative observation (not absolute words like "never" and "always"). Also notice the use of questions here to try to open up a dialogue, and the lack of blaming. From the Manager's Desk