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Chapter 7. Providing Feedback to Difficu... > Giving Feedback That Gets Positive R... - Pg. 73

Providing Feedback to Difficult Employees 73 Recap Together In direct feedback situations, end the discussion with some sort of recap or summary of the key points you have discussed, any decisions you have made together, and any obligations either of you have accepted. Get the employee involved in the recapping or ask her whether she agrees with your summary. This helps focus on the key points, and ensures that you are both on the same wavelength when the meeting is done. The Least You Need to Know · Some difficult people are difficult because they're unaware of the effects of their actions on others. · Feedback is information that helps a difficult person become more aware of how his or her actions affect others and job success. · You can deliver feedback yourself, facilitate it so it comes from others, or help focus the attention of the difficult person on the consequences of his or her actions. · Regardless of its source, feedback should not overload the recipient. He or she should have some control over it, and it must be framed as positively and helpfully as possible. You and the employee should be on the same side. · Don't forget that feedback isn't just for when things go wrong. Be sure to give positive feedback, too.