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Chapter 7. Providing Feedback to Difficu... > Giving Feedback That Gets Positive R... - Pg. 72

Providing Feedback to Difficult Employees 72 For example, telling someone you think they are acting in a rotten way isn't going to cut it. It's going to create a mess. However, discussing the person's tone of voice when he or she talks to other staff members is better. Telling someone you don't think he or she is a team player is worse than useless. Talking to someone about his or her seeming unwillingness to volunteer for job assignments is much better. See the difference? Balance Positive and Negative We've focused on feedback as a tool to correct difficult behavior. But feedback isn't used only when there is a problem. It is also used to tell people when they're doing the right things, not just the wrong things. This is very important. People need to know what they're doing wrong, but they also know what they're doing right so they can continue to do it. Try to balance feedback to include both things that could be improved and things that are well done. Insider Secrets