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Chapter 7. Providing Feedback to Difficu... > The Different Faces of Feedback - Pg. 66

Providing Feedback to Difficult Employees 66 Two Feedback Dimensions: Factual and Emotional There are two kinds of information you can convey to a person while providing feedback. The first, factual feedback, is information about the results or outcomes of the person's behavior and is based on factual observations. Let's consider Rob, who is often late for meetings. You sit down with Rob and say, "Rob, it's possible nobody has pointed this out, but when you're late for a meeting, we all have to wait, and that means that some important things might not get done. None of us have the time to lose given the new XYZ project." Employee Handbook Factual feedback is based on factual observations (what you see or touch, for example) and helps a person determine whether their behavior resulted in positive or negative results. Emotional feedback is information about how other people react emotionally to a person's behavior. Notice that the feedback in the example is a statement of fact. That is what happens, and in this