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Chapter 8. Parrying the Difficult Thrust... > Have Some Cheese with the Whine - Pg. 76

Parrying the Difficult Thrusts · It seems to me that you feel you aren't being treated as well as you would like. · I'd guess you are pretty upset at the moment. · I get the impression that you feel I may not respect your work. 76 Employee Handbook Empathy responses refer to things you say and do to prove to another person that you understand his or her emotions. Why are empathy responses important? Because we want the employee to be open to what we have to say; in this case, if we show we understand where Paul is coming from, it's more likely Paul will be more open to our comments. It also defuses hostility and makes it less likely Paul is going to spend the entire meeting whining some more. OK, so here's how I start this meeting I'm having with Paul: "Paul, thank you for coming. Here's what I want to discuss with you. Over the last few weeks, I get the impression that you feel you aren't being treated the way you would like, or that you feel your work isn't valued here. I want to talk about your feelings, and about the way you seem to