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Chapter 10. Monkey in the Middle: Mediat... > Mediation—What Is It? When Does It F... - Pg. 98

Monkey in the Middle: Mediation and Arbitration 98 The bottom line:Whose problem is it? Just the two people directly involved, or do you, as a man- ager, have to take some ownership? When thinking about these questions, don't limit your consideration to the two people directly in- volved. Consider the effects of the difficult behavior on your entire work unit. That's very important, and it's easy to forget that the actions of even two people can negatively effect the productivity, attitudes, and morale of your entire staff. There are two more factors to consider. 1. How will you be perceived by your employees if you do nothing? Because most employees expect (fairly or unfairly) that management will step in and do something about disruptive situations, will doing nothing end up with your losing credibility with your employees? Will they turn on you if you do nothing? This Won't Work! Be aware that involving yourself in a conflict between two employees may end up with both employees targeting you. That comes with the territory. In situations of serious conflict, you probably have to inter- vene regardless.