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Chapter 10. Monkey in the Middle: Mediat... > Mediation—What Is It? When Does It F... - Pg. 99

Monkey in the Middle: Mediation and Arbitration Mediation is a process where a third party, the mediator, tries to facilitate a process where the disputing parties can solve their problems in a nonadversarial, noncoercive way. 99 It's important to understand the key points in the definition: 1. Both parties must consent to the process.The idea behind mediation is that the two parties, because they are so emotionally involved, need to be brought together so they can work to find a solution. There must be no coercion. A mediator must be neutral.If you are the mediator, your sole objective is to help the two parties solve the problem. That means refraining from judgment about who is right or wrong. Mediation is future oriented.At the end of a successful mediation, both parties should know what they have agreed to in terms of specific behavior changes they must make in the future. As Dan Dana, sometimes referred to as "Dr. Conflict," and a conflict consultant and mediator says, the purpose of mediation is "not to identify guilty parties and assign blame, or to punish either party for past behavior, or to determine who is right or wrong." 2. 3. Insider Secrets