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Chapter 10. Monkey in the Middle: Mediat... > Arbitration, or When Someone Just Ha... - Pg. 106

Monkey in the Middle: Mediation and Arbitration 106 Employee Handbook Arbitration refers to a process whereby a third party makes the final binding decision about the issue, usually after considering each side's position and obtaining the facts. Arbitration Tips Here are some basic things to consider about the arbitration process. First, it's best if both parties consent to arbitration. It's also best if they agree who should arbitrate. Sometimes that might be you. Or, one or both parties might prefer that it be someone who is unin- volved. Second, the parameters should be clear ahead of time. Both parties should understand that you will make a decision and that the decision will be binding (except, of course, if one person prefers to resign, or something like that). From the Manager's Desk