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Part: 3 Managing the Venomous Difficult ... > Indentifying the Venomous Difficult ... - Pg. 109

109 Chapter 11. Indentifying the Venomous Difficult Employee In This Chapter · What sets venomous employees apart · Personal attacks and some suggestions · Dealing with sabotage and insubordination · A tricky way to deal with backroom politicking In previous chapters we focused on the garden-variety difficult person and his or her difficult be- havior. Now we turn our attention to venomous employees and the behaviors they use to make life miserable for those around them. As a capsule comment, dealing with garden-variety difficult be- havior is like water torture. There's no one large incident, but many small ones. It's death by a million wee mosquito bites. The venomous difficult person is different. It's not death by mosquito bites--it's more like dealing with a howitzer. The venomous person isn't being difficult accidentally, but is acting with some de- gree of aggression and malice. While the garden-variety difficult person may be destructive (usually by accident), the venomous person is destructive intentionally. In this chapter we'll look at the difference between venomous and garden-variety difficult people, characteristics of venomous behavior, and ways to address specific situations.