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Chapter 22. Knowing Your Communication M... > Things You Need to Know About E-mail - Pg. 238

Knowing Your Communication Media 238 If you get easily offended or get angry when people misinterpret your communication, you may get into trouble with e-mail. People will send you things they wouldn't say to your face, and they will often misin- terpret messages sent via e-mail. · E-mail is easy to use on a mass scale.Because it's so fast people tend to overuse it. Most people I know who rely on e-mail receive far more e-mails every day than letters or even phone calls. The convenience of e-mail is being destroyed by the volume of messages sent and re- ceived. Things You Need to Know About E-mail Because e-mail is becoming so common, there are some things you need to know that will help you use it more effectively. The Paperless Message First, despite the fact that e-mails seem like paper messages, people don't write or read e-mails like they read paper. They read more quickly, miss a great deal of the details, and respond more quickly. What does that mean? It's easy to create misunderstandings via e-mail. This happens because you either haven't written carefully (as you would with a letter) or the other person hasn't taken the time to read the e-mail slowly. So you need to know that e-mail can create difficulties and conflicts where none existed before. Sounds weird, I know, but it happens everyday and it's really nobody's fault. Perhaps later we'll all use e-mail more carefully, but right now it's the fast-food way of communicating.