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Chapter 22. Knowing Your Communication M... > How Communication Media Differ - Pg. 232

Knowing Your Communication Media 232 How Communication Media Differ Here's a test. You're in a conflict situation with a colleague. You can communicate via letter, on the phone, or via e-mail. Of these three, which is most likely to result in someone saying something that is likely to escalate the conflict? If you chose e-mail, you are correct. People tend to say things in e-mail that they wouldn't put down on paper or say on the phone or to one's face. Let's try another. In a disagreement situation, which media are most likely to make it easier to come up with some kind of win-win solution? Face-to-face communication, phone conversation, a letter, or e-mail? Which is worst? Did you choose either face-to-face or the phone? Either of those is probably correct, although face- to-face is probably a bit better. What about the worst? If you choose either a letter or e-mail, those are good answers. This Won't Work! Ignore how different communication media work, and you're likely to increase the frequency and intensity of