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Chapter 22. Knowing Your Communication M... > Things You Need to Know About E-mail - Pg. 240

Knowing Your Communication Media 240 · Keep the length short.It's difficult for a person to read a long e-mail on a screen. It's hard to take it all in. If you have a great deal to convey, you might want to "attach" or send a document that is meant to be printed out. People can absorb detail better on paper. Insider Secrets Short e-mails are better. The longer the e-mail, the more likely the reader is going to miss important parts or misunderstand. After all, people often skim them anyway. · Don't fall in love with e-mail--. It can interfere with productivity. One manager I know sends five to ten e-mails a day to his staff. All of them work within 30 yards of his office. E-mail is not a toy; use it when it makes sense. Don't use it when you can get out of your chair and talk. Real people have to take real time to read what you've sent. If you send too much e-mail, it gets ignored. · Be careful with humor.It doesn't always translate very well, and you can end up getting your tootsies roasted because someone took your joke or comment in a way you hadn't intended. From the Manager's Desk