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Chapter 22. Knowing Your Communication M... > Things You Need to Know About E-mail - Pg. 239

Knowing Your Communication Media 239 So, recognize that the smokin', cussin' e-mail you just received from a colleague may not give you a true reflection of how that person feels. Perhaps he just responded too quickly while he was angry for 10 seconds. Don't assume the e-mail is a fair and accurate reflection. Clarify via e-mail or, better yet, pick up the phone and try to work out the problem that way (or in person). "It's Lost in My To-Be-Read File" Third, because e-mail has become so much of a volume issue, some weird things happen. For example, you send an urgent e-mail to a colleague. You wait and you wait but you don't get a reply. So you get annoyed. You assume that the person has read it but is ignoring you. That's because you are used to the instant feel of e-mail. From the Manager's Desk It's easy to think e-mail is private. It isn't. Be very careful about what you say. Always assume someone unin- tended may read it and pass it on. But consider this. Perhaps the person receives a hundred e-mails a day, and just hasn't gotten to