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Chapter 5. Keeping Your Feet on the Grou... > What You Focus On You Get More Of - Pg. 50

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground with Difficult People 50 From the Manager's Desk Staying balanced requires not only a different mind-set, but also the use of certain behaviors; listening and paraphrasing, calling time-outs, and slowing down interactions are all techniques you can use to give yourself time to think rather than to react blindly. Start reminding yourself to use them, beginning now. What You Focus On You Get More Of Understanding this principle is very important so you can stay in control, be constructive, and keep both feet firmly planted. It's kind of a universal law: What you focus on is what you'll get more of. In conversations, what people focus on is what they are going to talk about. If you talk about the wrong things, you're going to steer the conversation in a negative direction. For example, if you talk about how angry you are, you're likely to spend even more time stuck being angry. If you talk about how poorly an employee has performed, in all probability you will get more bad behavior and worse performance.