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Chapter 18. Is Your Boss Doing Something... > Gray-Area Illegal Acts - Pg. 192

Is Your Boss Doing Something Illegal? 4. 192 Let the company or law enforcement decide what action is necessary. In other words, don't insist on what you think the next step should be. You don't want to be overbearing, and truth be told, the authorities should be better positioned to decide what to do next. At minimum, even if nothing happens you will have discharged your moral and legal obligations by providing the information. And maybe you will sleep better. Gray-Area Illegal Acts Some activities may or may not be illegal, and it isn't always easy to tell. Yes, there are gray areas in the law, particularly because courts are often responsible for interpreting law, and they can act somewhat unpredictably. What are some of these areas? Sexual harassment is the most obvious. Discriminatory practices against members of protected minority groups can fall into this area. Even things like theft could be a bit gray. Let's start with what you need to know about sexual harassment, and we can talk about the other gray areas later. If I haul off and smack you in the nose, the law calls that an illegal act. It is the act itself that makes it illegal, and that act is called an assault. Sure, there might be circumstances like self- defense that make it a tiny bit gray, but generally it's fairly clear. I hit you. I assaulted you. Assault is illegal. This Won't Work!