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Chapter 18. Is Your Boss Doing Something... > When the Boss Violates Policy - Pg. 194

Is Your Boss Doing Something Illegal? 194 Some bosses are quite adept at getting around corporate policies. That's because skirting some policies isn't harmful (or doesn't appear to be) and it gets things done. In fact, some of the best managers I've worked for have had the ability to get things done by tiptoeing around policy. Also, consider the positive benefits of your boss's actions. Is moving around the policy allowing you to become more productive, provide better service, and contribute to the company? Whether you are considering the damage or the pluses, consider the long-term effects also. For example, let's say your boss hires Timmy, his son, to fill a position he isn't very qualified for. While this isn't a horrible transgression, it may affect the morale and perceptions of other staff about the company, and about the honesty or fairness of management. So, you need to determine whether the violation is a significant one. If it puts people or the company at risk, then that's significant. If it has the capability of affecting staff morale and the perception of management, that's significant. If it's taking a pencil or two, that's probably not significant. Insider Secrets Violating corporate policy is a weird thing. On one hand, it's a characteristic of many very good managers because they know when to go around rules and when not to. On the other hand, some managers edge into