Is Your Boss Doing Something Illegal? 190 Insider Secrets Sometimes making an anonymous complaint is a possible option. However, keep in mind that anonymous complaints are often taken much less seriously than when the complainant is identified. While anonymity can offer some protection, it may result in the issue being ignored. Also keep in mind that anonymous complaints may be traceable for contacts made via e-mail. For issues of interest to law enforcement agencies, consider using the anonymous tip lines that have become popular (Crimestoppers programs). To notify someone in your company of wrongdoing, you can use a letter or suggestion box. Always be aware, however, that the facts you provide often will indicate who you are. Here are the advantages of working through company channels: · It allows you to share the load in a legal situation. Because it is often (but not always) in the interests of your company to stop illegal activity, you will hopefully have allies to deal with some- one who has an established power base (your boss). · In cases where you don't have proof of illegal acts, working within company channels can mo- bilize resources to obtain that proof. After all, you aren't a professional investigator. In cases where you lack proof, always consider what we talked about regarding the guilty-until-proven- innocent syndrome that occurs in companies. Be very careful when making accusations when