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Introduction xvi This Won't Work! This sidebar tells you how to avoid saying or doing something that might escalate conflict. Insider Secrets This sidebar gives the manager's viewpoint of why certain behaviors work--or why they don't. Also, at the back of the book you'll find a listing of other resources related to difficult people. With increased accessibility to the Internet, you can research some really neat stuff. We've identified a number of free resources on related topics that you can visit on the Net. Perhaps most fun and useful of all, though, is the information about online e-mail discussion groups on conflict, commu- nication, performance management and appraisal, and managing difficult people. All you need is a connection to the Internet and some way to send and receive e-mail. Then you can talk with thou- sands of other people interested in these topics, both experts and others struggling with the same problems you are. It's all free, and a great way to get advice. And, of course, that's the best way to contact me, because I'm there, too. Or you can write me at Acknowledgments Special thanks to my wife, Nancy, for putting up with the grouchy, semi-crazed person I became during the grueling process of creating this book. And to the cats, Moondance, Tobin, and Griffey, who prevented me from overworking by sitting on my keyboard as required. A special thanks goes to Dan Dana of Mediation Training Institute International, who was a gracious helper in assembling the material on mediation processes. And a thank you to the thousands of people I have taught in seminars and who have also taught me. And thanks to the people on the Internet who have allowed me to bounce ideas around. Also thanks to John Woods of CWL Publishing Enterprises, who suggested I write this and worked with me to complete it faster than he thought possible. Bob Magnan, also of CWL, worked with me to develop the glossary. Joan Paterson served as development editor, and copy editor Amy Borrelli helped us turn a manuscript into the polished final book you're now reading.