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Introduction xv Part 3," Managing the Venomous Difficult Employees," looks at the more serious difficult behaviors that occur in the workplace. For example, how do you deal with verbal abuse, or outright sabotage? We'll talk about those. Part 4," When the Difficult Person Is Your Boss," addresses a different situation. What do you do if your boss is impossible, nasty, rude, or makes unreasonable demands on you and your staff? Clearly we have to tread more carefully here because, unlike situations with employees, your boss has more power than you. Part 5," If It Wasn't for My Difficult Co-Workers," shifts the focus to co- workers. They aren't below you in the hierarchy or above you, so they have about the same amount of formal power--but they can get in the way something terrible. We'll talk about different methods for managing co-worker conflict. We'll talk about more desperate techniques you can use. And we'll explain how some tech- niques (mostly sneaky ones) can backfire. Part 6," I Confess, I'm Difficult (Help for the Guilty)," addresses a fundamental issue: YOU and your own difficult behavior. Because it takes two to create difficult situations in the workplace, your be- havior and your attitudes play critical roles in determining what happens to you. All of us can stand some work in this are, and here's a little secret. The less difficult you are, the less you will create difficult behavior in those around you. And the best bonus is that if you are perceived as not difficult, you are much more likely to advance your career! Extras We've tried to pull out the key ideas, hints, tips, and warnings so they are easy to find. Most pages will have little sidebars containing important information about the topic on that page. These are great for helping you figure out what's most important as you're reading, but they're also a big help after you've finished and want a little refresher. Employee Handbook This sidebar expands the definition of terms used in person-to-person interactions in the office environment. From the Manager's Desk Here you'll find useful tips to help your awareness of underlying causes of difficult situations.