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Chapter 11. Indentifying the Venomous Di... > Techniques of the Viper - Pg. 112

Indentifying the Venomous Difficult Employee 112 Insider Secrets Employers (and management) are obligated by law to provide a safe work environment. The key legal issue here is that, once aware of a problem, you must make reasonable attempts to remedy the situation. For ex- ample, if sexual harassment occurs in your work unit, you are aware of it, and you do nothing, then you and your company can be sued (probably successfully). The same legal obligations may exist with respect to racist remarks and behavior, sexist comments and behaviors. If a court finds you and your company took no pre- ventative action, or through inaction allowed such things to continue, it could hold the company, and individuals, liable. Best to focus on prevention and try to stay out of the courts. Why are these effects so important to you? As we noted in an early chapter, most of us tend to shy away from direct confrontation with difficult people. Heck, who wants to get involved in battles? So, we deny the problem until it's totally out of control. While you might be able to ignore occasional difficult behavior from a garden-variety difficult person, you aren't going to get away with it from a venomous person. It's not going to go away. And if you do ignore it, you become a victim. Let's move on and look at some of the tactics of the venomous person, and some important things you need to do to deal with them.