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Chapter 11. Indentifying the Venomous Di... > Why the Venomous Employee Is So Dang... - Pg. 111

Indentifying the Venomous Difficult Employee 111 This Won't Work! Gentle techniques and dialogue are less likely to work with the venomous person. Often this type of person is playing a power game or a controlling game. You may have to respond with consequences or sanctions much earlier with someone like this. There's your first tip. Because venomous people are, in essence, fighting a small war, you need to garner and secure your allies. Why the Venomous Employee Is So Dangerous It's pretty obvious that any person who tries to harm you or other people is going to have the potential for serious work disruption. Because venomous people tend to be a bit more obvious, it's easier to identify them and less likely you will miss their behavior. It's still worthwhile to talk about both the "in-your-face" problems these folks create, and also the more hidden outcomes. You don't have to be a physics professor to understand that someone who is abusive, manipulative, and aggressive has a profound impact on other people.