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Chapter 11. Indentifying the Venomous Di... > What Separates Venomous from Garden-... - Pg. 110

Indentifying the Venomous Difficult Employee 110 What Separates Venomous from Garden-Variety The venomous difficult person behaves in destructive ways with the intent of causing damage to others around him or her. It's not a case of the occasional poor behavior. It involves a sustained (over time) attempt to get back at people, control people, or damage the work unit or individuals. The behavior may be aimed at you, the manager, or other employees. It could be aimed at the company as a whole, also. One thing that separates venomous difficult behavior from the garden variety is intent. The garden- variety person may be inept, lack skills, or occasionally cause problems in an accidental way, but the venomous person wants to cause problems for others. Employee Handbook The venomous difficult person behaves in inappropriate or destructive ways in an intentional way. There is intent to damage others, which is absent with the garden-variety difficult employees.