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Part: 5 If It Wasn't For My Difficult Co... > Real Conflict and What to Do About I... - Pg. 209

209 Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do About It In This Chapter · Two different kinds of conflict · Is all conflict bad? · The five ways to address conflict · When different methods are best · Disadvantages of various approaches So far we've written about difficult people and difficult behavior as being bad, something we want to eliminate if possible. It's pretty obvious why. Difficult behavior in the workplace is aggravating and frustrating, and can affect things like employee morale, job satisfaction, productivity, and even em- ployee health. But there's something more here. Certain kinds of conflict can actually be healthy for organizations. Some conflict can improve productivity and job satisfaction. So we need to address a number of issues about conflict--the good, the bad, and even the ugly. In this chapter we're going to talk about conflict, how to use conflict for good purposes, and the different methods available to you when you're faced with conflict with your coworkers or even your employees or boss. Two Kinds of Conflicts There are really two distinct types of conflict. The effects of each "flavor" are quite different. One can be used to improve the organization. The other rarely is useful for anything.