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Chapter 6. Identifying the Garden-Variet... > Preventative Tools - Pg. 63

Identifying the Garden-Variety Difficult Employee 63 From the Manager's Desk Where the work unit is troubled or under siege, it's much better to have an external person run a norm explo- ration get-together. Or, if you don't feel you have the objectivity or distance from work issues, see whether you can get someone from outside your work unit. The Power of Norm Creation When people hold in common a set of guidelines about what is good behavior and bad, you're less likely to have people doing their own thing. Clear norms, based on employee involvement, help to keep these guidelines fresh in people's minds. But there is another important outcome associated with norm creation. What we want is for your work unit to become more or less self-policing. Let's face it: You don't want to be the enforcer or arbiter of all the weenie, itty-bitty behaviors of people. You don't have time, and it's not practical. When you have well-understood and accepted norms, work unit employees begin to self-police.