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Chapter 6. Identifying the Garden-Variet... > Formal Authority Tools - Pg. 60

Identifying the Garden-Variety Difficult Employee 60 Employee Handbook Formal authority tools refers to the things you can do because you're in management. Examples might include taking disciplinary action, laying down the law, and use of performance-management techniques. So, You Think You Really Have Power? I'm going to try to convince you that overusing what you think is your managerial power is really problematic. Why? Because I want to keep you out of trouble. We're at a strange era in management history. In the olden days (well, maybe not so old), managers had a lot more power to take action against difficult employees. Now it's not the case. In past times, employees recognized the authority of management to make arbitrary decisions. Management de- cisions were more respected simply because they came from management. Nowadays, that's not so. Employees no longer tender that respect automatically. If anything, authority, power, and respect must be earned. So the first problem here is that if you try to impose solutions too often, you may mobilize employees