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Chapter 6. Identifying the Garden-Variet... > Identifying the Difficult Employee - Pg. 56

Identifying the Garden-Variety Difficult Employee 56 Employee Handbook The garden-variety difficult person is someone whose behavior you consider difficult, but not in ways that are intentionally harmful, although the results may be quite destructive. With garden-variety difficult people, it isn't that easy. That's because they aren't all that consistent in their difficult behavior; they don't seem to harbor malice toward others, and usually they seem relatively normal. They just happen to be occasional pains in the rear end to people around them. We can look at some of their behaviors. Here are some examples: · Poor interpersonal behavior (interrupting, poor communication, occasional blaming) · Negativity, cynicism · Occasional poor work performance coupled with refusal to take responsibility (for example, it's never their fault) · Occasional outbursts of anger · Occasional whining and complaining