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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > Is There Any Good News Here? - Pg. 138

I Fought The Law and ...? 138 From the Manager's Desk Just because some inappropriate behavior doesn't affect your bottom line doesn't mean you can ignore it. The law may require action. Factor this into your reality check when looking at difficult behavior. Second, if you do not take action and the courts deem that you should have, you can be liable. You may ask, "How do I know in advance what the courts will think about any specific difficult behavior?" Sorry, but you can't know that. In the area of sexual harassment, there are enough cases to have a good idea about it. In other areas, such as verbal abuse, the law evolves and changes. Because of this level of uncertainty, many employers are instituting training on topics such as sexual harassment and what constitutes appropriate behavior in the "respectful workplace." They are doing so for three reasons. 1. 2. 3. Some employers truly want to create a positive environment for staff, because that probably results in better productivity. Some companies feel a moral and ethical obligation to create a positive work environment. Using preventative strategies like training before any problems occur demonstrates that your