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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > Hey, You Have Another Legal Responsibilit... - Pg. 136

I Fought The Law and ...? 136 Final Warning If none of the preceding steps have worked, then a final warning can be issued. It must be written, and the employee must acknowledge receipt. At this point, whatever consequences you had indi- cated to the employee earlier will be imposed. For example, if you indicated the employee would be suspended unless the behavior changed (in your first written warning), then this is the time to impose the suspension. Make sure you provide a date by which you expect the employee to implement the desired changes. Other consequences, ranging from mild to more extreme, include entering a permanent note in a personnel file, removing a person from a high profile project, sending the person home for a day to "think," through to longer suspensions and dismissal. Termination In the event none of this has worked, it's crunch time. If there has been no improvement after the final warning has been issued and you have already used other less-severe sanctions, you have the option of termination. Provided you have followed the preceding guidelines, you should have enough documentation to protect yourself from accusations that the dismissal is a result of nonwork-related issues, such as discrimination. Insider Secrets