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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > Is There Any Good News Here? - Pg. 139

I Fought The Law and ...? 139 Let's end this chapter by reiterating what we said at the beginning. There is no substitute for pro- fessional legal advice. You may read a book or two and think you have it down. The human resources department may advise you, but are they lawyers? Be aware that law is complicated and a little knowledge may be a dangerous thing. The Least You Need to Know · Labor laws differ from place to place, and there are several layers of law. · Progressive discipline is a way of covering some of the legal bases. · In a legal dispute you (management) must prove that disciplinary action was not discriminatory; the onus is not on the employee. · Management has a legal responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. · Ignorance of things like sexual harassment or similar difficult behaviors may not protect you. · Take proactive steps regarding work environment. Train people, have clear policies, and communicate those policies to all employees.