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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > The Disciplinary Prophylactic - Pg. 135

I Fought The Law and ...? 2. 135 3. Communication.You need to communicate properly with the employee. You must be able to demonstrate you have communicated what is unacceptable. So you need to document any communication you have with an employee who may be subject to disciplinary action. Evidence.You must provide evidence the employee has had an opportunity to change his or her behavior, and that you have made the effort to assist. So what are the recommended steps? Oral Warning The initial step is to provide an oral (and usually informal warning) to the employee describing what is wrong, and requesting that a change be made. The warning should be specific and make clear what specific behaviors or actions must be changed, and the consequences for not doing so. Gen- erally, this informal step does not include entering a note in the employee's personnel file. However, you might want to record that the meeting took place, when it occurred, and what was said. Formal Oral Warning with Documentation This differs from the preceding oral warning because it includes an entry into the employee's file. As a manager you go to this step when the oral warning has not resulted in the needed changes. Insider Secrets