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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > The Legal Swamp - Pg. 132

I Fought The Law and ...? 132 From the Manager's Desk The policies in an employee handbook can be interpreted as a binding contractual agreement. Make sure these policies don't tie the hands of management. If you hit a snag, it's good to notify the human resources department or originator of your policies to discuss it. So, now we have four layers: federal laws, local laws, explicit contracts, and implicit contracts. There's yet another layer that applies for companies that have unions. Collective bargaining agree- ments may come into play, so that's another thing you need to know about as it applies to your situation. There are also grievance procedures and policies. So there we go. Five layers of law you need to take into account when dealing with the difficult employee. Is it any wonder we suggest expert advice? How the Law Really Works There is a dangerous misconception about how law works. Naively, some people think that what