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Chapter 13. I Fought The Law and …? > The Legal Swamp - Pg. 131

I Fought The Law and ...? 131 For example, the laws in your area may specify that you can terminate someone for no cause at all; other laws may affect whether you actually can do that. While the labor law may say you can fire someone, if you have a contract or implied contract with an employee, contract law enters into the equation. Or, while you may be able to fire someone with no cause, if you don't do it properly, you may run afoul of employment equity or antidiscrimination laws. Insider Secrets Even if your labor laws state you can fire a person without cause, that doesn't mean you can do so without getting yourself in hot water. Contract law and antidiscrimination statutes can still provide reasonable grounds for a dismissed employee to sue you. That's why it's so important to have informed expert advice from someone who is a lawyer (and doesn't play one on TV). Layer upon Layer of Law I have no idea where you live, and what country's laws apply to you and your situation. That makes