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Part: 6 I Confess, I'm Difficult (Help f... > Getting Less Difficult—Words and Dee... - Pg. 253

253 Chapter 24. Getting Less Difficult--Words and Deeds In This Chapter · Changing your own behavior · The importance of words and deeds · What it means to be congruent · How can you make your decisions stick · When your words and body language don't match In the last chapter, did you discover some areas where you might appear difficult to others? Good. That means you're thinking and looking at yourself. But knowing you are at least occasionally difficult doesn't necessarily mean that you have the keys to become less difficult. That's what this chapter is about. We're going to help you change the perceptions that people have about you. If your employees think you're difficult, we'll share some secrets about how to alter their opinions. Same for your boss. Same for your coworkers. Heck, even your spouse. Getting Back to Behavior--the Starting Block