Glossary 278 mediation A process in which a third party works with two people who are in conflict or cannot settle an issue themselves and brings them together to negotiate their own solution in a nonadversarial, noncoercive way. no-fault Teflon co-worker A person who is never responsible when things go wrong; it's always the fault of someone else or some other part of the organization. On the other hand, Teflon people have no problem accepting praise. norms Rules of conduct used by group members to guide their behavior. They can be explicit (formally written) or informal. nutso boss A boss who has certain characteristics and/or personal issues that cause him or her to treat other people in destructive, unpleasant ways. The nutso boss can't change because the reasons he or she acts badly are personality-related. ongoing performance communication A two-way process to track process, iden-tify any barriers to performance, and provide feedback to employees. outright sabotage Attempts to interfere with the work of another person or the reputation and perceptions asso- ciated with the targeted person. passive-aggressive Term used to describe a person who has trouble expressing anger and denies it when he or she is angry, but then sends nonverbal messages that convey that anger.