Glossary 276 back-channel communication Communicating about someone behind his or her back. It ranges from gossip to intentional defamation, from fairly harmless to very dangerous. Back-channel communication can erode the sense of trust in the workplace and encourage employees to take sides, which can destroy team spirit. backroom politicking A technique some venomous people use to erode your support internally through the use of back-channel communication, often with others in the company at the same level or the levels above you. backstabber A person who maliciously gossips about others. blaming mind-set A way of thinking that finds someone at fault, rather than focusing on preventing the problem from occurring. boss cultivation The long-term process of helping the boss get to know you and develop respect for your con- tributions, integrity, and character. collaborative approach An approach often called a win-win situation because the parties look for and achieve a solution that may exceed the expectations of both of the parties. They work towards that by defining the problem, negotiating, and generally working together towards a set of stated common goals. compromise Resolution of a conflict in which neither of the parties will get all of what they want, but both will get something of what they want. In compromise mode, the two parties are still working in ad-