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Chapter 24. Getting Less Difficult—Words... > Wanna Be More Consistent and Congrue... - Pg. 258

Getting Less Difficult--Words and Deeds 258 Insider Secrets People who have trouble expressing anger, who deny it when they're angry but then send nonverbal messages that they are mad, are usually referred to as passive-aggressive . It's very common. The problem is that passive- aggressive people don't fool anyone and are seen as difficult and dangerous because their behaviors are incongruent. Wanna Be More Consistent and Congruent? Every manager can benefit from becoming more consistent and more congruent. No question. I can't stress how important this is. OK, so how do you do it? We'll look at some specific things you can do (or not do). Change How You Promise or Commit Unachievable promises and commitments are a huge problem for many managers. When the boss says to jump 16 feet in the air, you say, "Sure, I can do that," but in reality you can't. So eventually you have to go back and tell the boss you've failed. That's inconsistent. Your boss starts to see you