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Chapter 24. Getting Less Difficult—Words... > Wanna Be More Consistent and Congrue... - Pg. 260

Getting Less Difficult--Words and Deeds 260 When you're easygoing one day and really touchy the next, people will see you as difficult because you're unpredictable. When you're a democratic manager one month and an autocratic dictator the next, it drives people crazy. Your employees need to know what to expect from you. The more unpredictable or inconsistent you are in your management approach, the more you alienate those who work for you. This Won't Work! You know the deal. A manager reads the latest best-selling management book or goes to a training course. She returns to work and tries to use what she's learned without digesting it and without understanding it. Three months later, she's doing something completely different yet again. Don't do this. Don't get pulled into man- agement fadism. Your job, then, is to become more consistent in both your demeanor and your management ap- proach. That doesn't mean you have to always feel happy, but it does mean you need to be more consistent in your behavior. If you're prone to barking one day and purring the next, you'd better