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Chapter 25. Getting Less Difficult—The W... > What's Their Problem? - Pg. 268

Getting Less Difficult--The Words, Ma'am, Just the Words 268 Violation of Conversation Rules This one's easy. Cultures have different rules of conduct for conversations. In North America, gen- erally you're expected to take turns speaking, wait your turn, avoid bellowing, and so on. Your responses should tie in to what the other person said. If you interrupt, scratch your private parts, or read the newspaper when someone is speaking to you, you'll create bad feelings. Of course, if you live in New York, the scratching and interrupting is normal, but go figure (just a little joke). From the Manager's Desk Different cultures and even different geographic areas have somewhat different ideas of what constitutes civil communication. It's a challenge to know what those rules are. It's good to try to learn, particularly when you have a very diverse workplace. Sometimes it's worth asking. So you need to conform to the general rules of courtesy that apply in your workplace, in your geo- graphical location, and in your country. Blatant Generalizations