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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > Help from Other Sources - Pg. 228

Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss 228 If you offer some suggestion about how your boss can help, the simpler and least time- consuming options will be heard over the more complicated suggestions. Remember ... your boss wants less hassles, not more. Keep it simple. Beyond that, it's not likely you'll get much farther if you are refused twice. Just for your information, here are some of the things bosses can do: · · · · · · Have an informal word with an employee Get information you can't get Host a meeting with all parties attending Start a formal mediation process Make an executive binding decision Help to set ground rules Don't count on your boss to think up these things. If your boss can't see how he or she can intervene, you might want to offer several options. Help from Other Sources I wish I could give you a foolproof solution to deal with difficult colleague situations when your boss opts out of the process or otherwise refuses to help. I can't, because so much depends on your circumstances. However, there may be other sources you can access, but generally the more outsiders you involve, the more you put yourself at risk.