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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > When to Involve the Boss - Pg. 224

Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss 224 Is it possible to build a relationship with your boss in other ways? Sadly, yes. Some bosses aren't very bright or very effective, so they are vulnerable to flattery or may be convinced to conspire with you to get "even" with someone. Am I going to tell you how to build these false relationships? No. If you want to build relationships using deviousness rather than integrity, you'll have to figure it out without me. Because, to be blunt, those who fight with the sword die by it. Sooner or later, if you fight dirty, you'll come across someone who is better at it and more devious, and then you'll get what you deserve. When to Involve the Boss Keeping in mind we don't want to overdraw our "account" with the boss, when does it make sense to involve him or her? It comes down to a general rule. You only involve the boss (and take up his or her valuable time) when it's absolutely necessary to resolve a problem. If your co-worker (or employee) is late for meetings a few times, should you involve the boss? Probably not. If you're just annoyed with a co-worker about his difficult behavior and it isn't affecting anything seriously, what then? No. The expec- tation is you should handle these things yourself. This Won't Work!