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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > Boss Cultivation—The Long Approach - Pg. 221

221 Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss In This Chapter · The importance of long-term boss cultivation · How do you cultivate the boss? · How to approach the boss for help · When should you involve the boss? · Other resources · How to mobilize other managers Whatever the difficult situation, your boss can be your biggest help and ally--or your biggest prob- lem. Nowhere is that more true than in dealing with difficult co-workers at the same level as you in the hierarchy. That's because you have no formal authority over your co-workers, and if negotiation and attempts to directly work out problems fail, your boss may be the only one who can really help out. He or she may have enough authority to bring about a solution. Or destroy you. In this chapter we're going to talk about how you involve your boss in a problem with a co-worker (or for that matter, an employee). But apart from those tactics, we're go-ing to talk about something much more important--creating a permanent relationship with your boss so he or she will be there to help when you need it. I call it boss cultivation . Boss Cultivation--The Long Approach If you have a problem that requires the assistance of your boss, which of the following situations will be the most beneficial?