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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > Approaching Smart—Involving Smart - Pg. 227

Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss · · · · · She focused on the problem, not the interpersonal conflict. She presented the basic facts without embellishment. She referenced the consequences (competitive disadvantage). She left room for the boss to offer the help and to come up with solutions. Although she's frustrated, she remained calm and objective. 227 That's what works. Smart Involvement Well, we've mapped out an ideal scenario. But what happens if your boss doesn't offer to help or says, "Work it out. That's what we pay you for." That does happen. Insider Secrets Bosses don't always bite on the first approach. Don't give up just because you didn't get an immediate offer of help. Sometimes boss intervention can be more complicated to the boss than it appears to you (oh, those internal politics). Some managers also need to think it through.