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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > Boss Cultivation—The Long Approach - Pg. 223

Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss 1. 223 2. The first principle of boss cultivation is that you have to plant early and nurture the relationship so when you really need help, it's there. Maybe even a little fertilizer, but you don't want to shovel ... er, cover the boss in ... well, you understand. You will get more help if you have a track record of making the boss look good. That is, you do your job with a minimum of fuss. You don't whine. You don't complain. You just get things done. You cause little trouble and add lots of value. From the Manager's Desk Your boss will be more prepared to support you if you have built a strong, solid relationship over time, based on respect and the fact that you are a valued employee who makes good things happen. 3. 4. If you have a poor relationship with your boss and have to deal with a co-worker problem, you may be faced with a situation where the co-worker has a better relationship with the boss than you do. And that spells serious trouble for you. While some people can succeed in creating relationships with the boss through things like flattery, butt kissing, and other unpleasant techniques, generally those things don't create