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Chapter 21. Getting Help from Others, In... > Boss Cultivation—The Long Approach - Pg. 222

Getting Help from Others, Including the Boss 222 You have established a long-term positive relationship with your boss so the boss respects your work, values your judgment and integrity, and knows your value. This Won't Work! Your boss will be a poor ally if he or she doesn't know you well or doesn't have a positive relationship with you. Cultivating the boss is necessary. It's like putting money in the bank so it will be there when you need it. or The boss doesn't really know you very well, perceives you as just another employee, or hasn't had much personal contact with you. I know which one of these bosses I want at the plate when I'm stuck or can't solve a problem by myself. I want the person who knows me, respects me, and values my work--not because he or she is necessarily going to take my side in a dispute, but because the boss who respects me will know I'm looking for help for the right reasons. The boss who knows me knows I don't hold grudges. He knows I have the company's interests at heart. He knows me as a straight shooter. That's what I want.