Fighting Fire with Water-- Your Difficult-Boss Options 175 This Won't Work! Sometimes people "live with" something far too long and pay a price in terms of their careers or physical and mental health. It's often a fear of change or the unknown. Don't allow anyone to be a part of damaging your health or your future. Apart from your own feelings about doing nothing, there are some situations where doing nothing is not an option. If your boss is doing something illegal or something that puts your company or others at risk, you might have to do something. Here's why. If you're aware of illegal or improper acts but do nothing, you may be held accountable. For example, let's say John, your boss, does things that could be construed as sexual harassment. The behavior is consistent over time. You know about it. You do nothing. As a manager (particularly with respect to your own staff), you might be included in any legal action launched as a result of John's illegal behaviors. You get the idea. Management comes with some ethical responsibilities, but also with some legal ones. Sometimes the consequences of doing nothing are so severe that it isn't an option. Again, it's your call.