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Chapter 16. Fighting Fire with Water— Yo... > Quitting Immediately - Pg. 168

Fighting Fire with Water-- Your Difficult-Boss Options 168 Quitting Immediately Quitting immediately is the most drastic step you can take. It has the advantage of bringing fast closure and ending any suffering on your part, at least in one area. If you quit you don't have to deal with the things that drive you crazy. Your nutty boss becomes a footnote in your personal life history. However, quitting immediately brings with it a whole host of other possible sufferings. If you quit you need a way to support yourself and your family. You have to deal with that situation, and it could last some time. Here's a question to ask: Which will be more stressful, being out of work and searching for a job, or living with the situation you have now with a nutty boss? Only you can answer that for you. Some people bring new hope and revitalization into their lives by entering the job market and accepting a newer and healthier challenge. Others don't. I don't recommend quitting immediately because I think the next option, laying the groundwork for moving on, is a more rational and planned way to accomplish the same thing. However, I can en- vision situations where immediate resignation may be necessary. In fact, I did it once myself. If you're in a situation where your company or your boss asks you to do something you can't live with and there is no hope of getting the decision reversed, it may be in your best interests to leave. After all, you have to live with yourself, and sometimes having a secure paycheck means nothing if you can't stand the person that stares back at you from your mirror every morning. This Won't Work!