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Chapter 16. Fighting Fire with Water— Yo... > What Are Your Options? - Pg. 167

Fighting Fire with Water-- Your Difficult-Boss Options 167 The answers to these questions tell you what you can afford to lose. If you can't afford to lose your job and the consequences of living with a difficult boss are palatable, then weigh your options care- fully. It may be you need to bide your time until you are better positioned to accept the risks involved in going head-to-head with a difficult boss. Here are more questions, not related directly to economics but to how important your current job is to you: · · · · If you leave your current job, will it impact negatively on your future? Can you handle losing your social support group from work? Do you really love your job (except for your boss)? How important are principles to you-- important enough to lose your job? From the Manager's Desk Think first before deciding how to deal with a difficult boss. Don't ever let your difficult boss cause you to react without thinking it through. Forget "take this job and shove it." That only works in country music songs.